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This paper argu that such an approach is a worthwhile means for gaining a fuller understanding of the sports fan. The choice of re dign must be appropriate to the subject under invtigation (Patton, 1987).

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As you begin to plan the organization of the body of your say, think about the methods you will use to organize the evidence that will support your this.

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{SHORT_CONTENT_COPY}Thus, the nature of sports fandom will have ilications for the choice of suitable methodology. Those authors who define sports fandom (Branscombe Wann, 1992; Guttman, 1986; Pooley, 1978) all strs that cognitive and affective, as well as behavioural coonents are significant. 209-210). This acknowledgement that sports fandom consists of more than overt behaviour has iortant ilications for the choice of re methodology. Quantitative Re and the Sports Fan Quantitative re digns are characterised by the assution that human behaviour can be explained by what may be termed "social facts which can be invtigated by methodologi that utilise "the deductive logic of the natural scienc" (Horna, 1994, p. A quantitative re dign allows flexibility in the treatment of data, in terms of coarative analys, statistical analys, and repeatability of data collection in order to verify reliability. The advantag of a quantitative approach are demonstrated by the re carried out into the English "Premier League" football fan (SNCCFR, 1996, 1997). The four main approach; Re methods; Clinical trials. What is a clinical trial?. The four main approach Typ of re. Quantitative re. 121). Quantitative invtigations look for "distinguishing characteristics, elemental properti and eirical boundari" (p. 121) and tend to measure "how much or "how often" (Nau, 1995). They are appropriate to examine the behavioural coonent of sports fandom, such as attendance at gam. This say uss teaching methods. Teaching is a career which many people opt for. It is a way through which teachers are able to iart their knowledge. Introduction. Although intert in the sports fan dat back to the beginning of this century, there is little eirical re on the subject (Burca, Brannick, Meenaghan, 1996; Duke, 1991; Wann Hamlet, 1995). {/SHORT_CONTENT_COPY}

the use of a mixed methods approach is suggted to counteract this. Full document Please sign up to full document. Or more often, strong quantitative methodologi. Of Qualitative and Quantitative Re Approach? Only available on StudyMode full document Text Preview Abstract Sports fandom consists <1>approaches of cognitive and affective, allowing the behavioural patterns of the English. Existing sports fan re utilis either strong qualitative, this say and over 1,500,000. As well as behavioural coonents. This survey- based study produced broad data across a large fan population at Premier League clubs,